Positions of Influence

It’s pretty common now to hear people say that they don’t have any influence, any power. I don’t believe that’s true.  We all, whether we choose to recognize it or not, have positions of influence.  We influence those around us, and the earth on which we walk, with every step we take. Every word we speak, or don’t speak, has implications.

These positions of influence can be contained within a close family or a few friends – or they may  influence many people – as a company CEO, a politician.  It could be a short term influence – a smile that influences someone in the moment or for a day, or may have long term influence.  They may be generative (contributing to a person’s ability to improve their life) or destructive (driving under the influence and creating a crash that kills or maims someone, forever impacting a family and neighbourhood).

This website is a space for exploring the many ways that people can undermine or enhance their ability to have generative positions of influence in their worlds.  Check back frequently for blog postings, resources and links to interesting websites.

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”  (Arundhati Roy)

Pebbles in the Pond - Wave 3

Sharon Matthias – Pragmatic Provocateur on writing “Transforming my aging script” published in Pebbles in the Pond – Wave 3 available to buy now on www.amazon.com:

“We were members of a MasterHeart group (http://christinekloser.com).  We each had our own way in which we were opened to the possibility that we could speak publicly about something that we would otherwise have kept to ourselves – so the experience of being witnessed in this process by others in the group was in itself transformative.  Some peoples’ stories are dramatic, others more like the miracle of just ‘keeping on keeping on through day after day’.  Like other shared transformative experiences, we co-authors developed a bond that goes pretty deep, though we haven’t spent a lot of time together.”